The Dove

Performance Photography


A series of eight photographs and two polaroid collages.

The sense of freedom is the craving of all cultures and societies. The sense of power and control that comes from freedom is the ultimate goal of humanity. Many different perspectives of freedom and the breaking free of authority or power in many ways is a positive path that should lead to togetherness. Freedom and unity begins a cycle where freedom leads to authority and change. Only the weedy mind can take something so beautiful and turn it black.

Like the Black Abaya: Forgetting the strength that women hold. When freedom can be tarnished, in such a way that degrades women putting them in the backseat with the cover up of nothing but darkness “The Black”, it is man going 12 steps back rather than forward in progression.

Hide the woman “Cage the Dove”.

The Concept, if understood properly would be seen as a shortage in society, rather than power. Putting a specific gender down is half of a society, whereas half of a whole is taken away and hidden. What is half of freedom?

Rules and regulations are made from authorities that sense they are free enough to guide and protect society, leading them in a certain direction that is simply equality and freedom.

Turn the Black silk, white. Free the dove.

Only when a society is whole, where both genders are free to walk among one another, interact and grow together, can a weak concept break. A cycle be taken off the rails, and progression can take a more efficient turn that leads to only a better system.

The dove, a caged bird due to their innocence.

Expectations and requirements given as a birthright as if an honor to be protected in such ways, when the real objective is to set them aside rather than watch them thrive. 


*Exhibited in Bayt Lothan's Kreate 5.0 along with a fabric installation and performance video installation.