Performance Photography


A series of five painted Abaya's, with seven photographs produced thus far.

The Abaya is a traditional garment worn by some women in Muslim cultures as a representation of modesty, it is often used in public spaces. This traditional garment is an evolution of loose garments that people of the desert wore to protect themselves from the excessive heat, amongst other survival and cultural reasons. Today, it no longer applies to all women, some women are required to wear it (for legal, cultural, or religious reasons) some choose to wear it, other don’t. The Abaya used in this artwork is a traditional Kuwaiti black garment and a single non-traditional white Abaya. It serves as a symbol that questions what lies beneath these veils. The intention of this artwork is to uncover hidden and unspoken truths. Disclosed attempts to express the statements that have been silenced by society, through the painted images on a series of Abaya's, and the conversation being exchanged between the spaces these Abaya's are performed and photographed in.