Society projections



This performance raises the topic of different projections that our local society places on women. There are many common local phrases that show these projections. In this performance, one of these phrases will be highlighted and the artist will respond to this phrase her own way. 


A newly wed bride invites people to her new redecorated home to show her visitors how she has redid everything so perfectly and how everything is spotless and so white, fresh and new. She asks them to grab a white chair and follow her across the gallery to her performance space(her home).

To the surprise of the audience its just an empty white room.

The newly wed bride carries on with excitement describing how everything is perfectly neat, white and spotless. She shows them her “White on White” vs “White Next to White” art collection and describes how there are different verities of white.

She then sits down and the projections begin with beautiful items that make her happy, then slowly they pile up with house items, chores, a husband and many children which does not make her happy anymore.

The phrase “Elmara Mokanha Baytha” (translation: a woman’s place is her home) begins to appear on her. She responds to it by getting up and leaving the house. She simply cannot take all of these projections and pressure from society to be something she is not.