I am an artist, activist, and art therapist from Kuwait and currently based in Chicago. My studio practice is mainly rooted within photography and expands into video, performance, fibers, light/projection and installation. Working in both urban and natural landscapes I use these landscapes to engage in conversations with captured frames, performances, and installations. Through this element in my work, I attempt to capture the portals and space between two or more worlds. In my artwork I question ways of erasing socio-cultural conditioning, by looking at the societal gendered trauma, particularly rooted within my experience as an Arab woman. My art making process engages personal memories while reflecting on present surroundings and involves others sharing similar stories. I explore the politics of seeing and the roles of access, agency and power by looking at the displacement of identity as a material through various cultural symbols as an extension of it.

My studio and art therapy practices are bridged by social activism that is focused on community building, accessibility of mental health services, raising awareness on domestic violence and gender-based violence. In my art therapy practice I provide support for the people I work with from an intersectional feminist and social justice lense. I work from a  trauma-informed and relational-cultural framework. I aim to facilitate a safe environment and hold space to process experiences by incorporating mindfulness mind-body techniques and creative elements. My art therapy practice further informs me as an artist and allows me to dive deeper into material explorations and developing a better understanding of raw human emotions in relation to sociocultural constructs.